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Every organization of the world has their self Disclaimer & Privacy Policy and Non Disclosure Agreement to resolve all the issues between customers and the service providers. In the same way SAISAYS, a company that deals with the web designing and development services globally, maintains the privileges that it is not responsible for validity, accuracy, performance and reliability of the information available on the website. The company is not liable for hacking, loss of data, reduction in the business profits or any other harm occurred by clicking the various links available on our website. Customers and the users are solely responsible for all types of damage and information loss happened by using our website or downloading something from it.

In any situation, SAISAYS should not be claimed for the data loss due to natural disasters, server & internet failure or any other incidental damage. If any user visit our website for downloading any material or availing our services, then we do not ensure its reliability. Before you proceed to copy content of our website, check whether it is up to date or not. The company cannot be blamed for delay, services failure, inaccurate information and a lot of risks. We have full rights to change our website content any time without any prior information or notification to the users.

The company can revise or make modifications in its Disclaimer Policy any time according to the trends and requirements. Read all the terms & conditions available on our website thoroughly to clarify the doubts. We have full privileges to make desired modifications in every section of our website without sending any sort of notification. So, the online users have to use the information properly and must rely only on up to date data.

Web Design Disclaimer

SAISAYS offers website hosting as a reseller of hosting services. SAISAYS creates websites but does not host websites locally. SAISAYS shall not be held responsible for any issues relating to the hosting of a website that SAISAYS created.

Website Content Disclaimer

Although we make every effort to ensure proper spelling and grammar, this alone is not sufficient. Just as with any other publishing business, the production of a professional website requires careful proofreading by the website owner. When you provide material to us for your website, it is your responsibility to ensure that all information is correct, free from copyright infringement, and relevant. The information contained within your website is your responsibility. SAISAYS will not be held liable for any issues that may arise due to incorrect information or any issues that relate to copyright infringement.

Search Engine Disclaimer

SAISAYS submits all websites designed by us to the following search engines at no additional charge: Google, Yahoo, Bing. We have no control over the possible time frame or even if your site will be listed at all as we do not manage search engine content and can not be held responsible. The search engines decide whether or not your website will be listed in their directories.